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International Loss Adjusters and Surveyors



& Associates

Kimsi & Associates is an international company of Loss Adjusters and Surveyors, created by a group of professionals with more than 25 years of experience that are recognized in the local and international markets.

We are experts in the handling and administration of major complex losses, and claims arising from the occurrence of catastrophic events.

In Puerto Rico

we handled over


cases arising from Hurricane María (2017)

with an estimated value of

US$ 250 million.

Our highly qualified team

handles and administrates claims in Mexico, The Caribbean, Central America, and South América.

We also work with Insurers and Reinsurers in the US, England and other European countries.

We have

a partnership with Adjusteck LLC, an international Loss Adjuster with presence in United Kingdom and United States.

We have

experience, professionalism, human touch and the best resources, to correctly handle and resolve the different problems and situations that might occur in the handling of major complex claims.

Our Mission

To collaborate with our clients to reach their goals and objectives

We deliver high-quality services and innovative solutions. Each one of our Adjusters is committed to handle claims with professionalism and in accordance with our clients’ requirements, from a household claim to a major complex loss.

We are an innovative

company, leader in its segment.


We focus in the use and development of technologies to facilitate the claims handling process.


We have an Engineering Area to establish the cost to undertake the repair of damaged properties following the occurrence of the loss.


We have lawyers and the support of external law experts in order to deal with major complex claims.


We work with professional restoration companies to mitigate the damage sustained by the affected property.


To consolidate our company, as a market leader, based on the quality of the services we deliver, the use of technology and the technical knowledge and the experience of each member of our organization.


Hundreds of people put their trust on our firm to handle different types of claims and determine the amount of the indemnity based on the terms and conditions of the insurance contract.

We deal with every claim according to the highest standards of service trying to exceed, when possible, the expectations of our clients.

Our Commitment

To comply with the requirements established by our clients in the handling of their claims with absolute respect, integrity and transparency.

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